Sunday, October 16, 2011

What does a hawthorn berry look like?

You can find hawthorn berries on the bush after the flowers have faded.The flower from the hawthorn bush provide a tasty nectar for many bugs, and the bushes themselves are relied on by birds as a place of shelter. In the winter, many birds enjoy hawthorn berries, and by eating them, help spread the seeds and plant new ones. :)

The berries are usually red when they ripen, but can also be black. Here are some pictures of what red hawthorn berries look like:

And actually, although we call hawthorn berries "berries", they are technically "poms" (like apples and pears). Whatever we call them, one thing is clear - hawthorn berries are as beautiful as they are beneficial for wildlife, and for people!

Here are some early season hawthorn berries that still have green leaves.

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